What to Know Before Applying - Staff Requirements

Acteeva Day Camp puts in a great deal of time and effort to select the best staff for our camp.  We view our staff as both role models for our campers and representatives of the Acteeva community.  Staff is an extension of our high standards and commitment to excellence.  Please read this section carefully before applying as it will give you a sense of the staff we look for and whether Acteeva will be a good fit for you. 

Commitment to Excellence
We are proud to have such comprehensive employment screening and staffing procedures. This is a major reason why our camp parents tell us that our staff is the best in the Bay Area.  Parents put their trust in us to thoroughly screen our staff and they recognize that our extensive process of selection, training and supervision goes above and beyond other camps and youth organizations.

Staff Selection
Our application process has been designed to ensure that staff is the best possible for the camp, the programs, the Acteeva community, and most importantly, our campers.  Please see below for the steps in our application and selection process.

Employment Documents: Applicant reviews Employment Website and all documents associated with employment at Acteeva, including Personnel Policies, Dress Code, Salary and Dates.  Please see links below.

Available Positions: Applicant reviews available positions and determines which position they are most qualified to fill

General Staff Application: Complete Online Staff Application

References: It is the applicant’s responsibility to contact 4 references and have them fill out and submit the Acteeva Reference form (found on our Ready to Apply page).  Reference input is weighted based on relationship to applicant and their ability to testify to applicant's experience working with children or in a certain activity.  Priority is given to those applicants who submit professional references (not friends or family) and/or references that can directly speak to their ability to fulfill a role as a camp counselor and activity leader

Additional Applications: Depending on the position for which you apply, we may send you an additional, program specific, application as a follow up to our General Employment Application.  This is for us to get a better sense of your skills and experience in a particular area.

Interview: In Person Interview with Personnel Coordinator or Acteeva Director

Staff Screening

Complete Background Investigation

Complete staff orientation prior to training

Complete week long staff training

Complete all required certifications prior to beginning of camp

Submit to random drug and alcohol screening

Acteeva requires staff to commit to the entire summer season: June 17 - August 14, 2009.  Please double check your calendar and other commitments before applying. Click Here for Employment Dates and Calendar.

Staff Requirements and Employment Documents
Please review our Employment Documents and position descriptions carefully as they include requirements on age and experience.

Personnel Policies
Staff Dress Code

Other requirements include:
    - Current First Aid and CPR certifications (must be obtained before 1st day of camp)

    - Compliance with all Personnel Policies and Dress Codes
    - Minimum age depending on specific positions

More Information
Please feel free to call us or send an email if you have any questions on our application or any other aspect of Acteeva.  We are always available to speak with prospective staff members.

Contact Information for our Personnel Coordinator:
Email: jobs@acteeva.com
Phone: 925-283-3795

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