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2010 Safety & Health

The health and safety of each camper is a primary concern for every staff member at Acteeva. Supervision of campers is ALWAYS constant.  Supervisory staff is equipped with Nextel radios for constant communication.  All of our staff are CPR and First Aid certified and receive extensive safety training.  We have arrangements with local doctors and EMTs to provide emergency services.

Camp Rules for Campers

  • Be considerate of others in what you say and do.
  • Cooperate with other campers and be supportive of one another.
  • Follow the instructions and directions of the Staff.
  • Stay with your camper group and do not wander off.
  • Gum is a safety hazard and is not allowed at camp.
  • Leave sticks and rocks on the ground where they belong.
  • Tread lightly upon the earth - Be considerate of the environment.
  • Leave your shoes on except when your counselor says you may go barefoot.
  • We do not allow campers to bring guests to camp. Guests may come with parents on Parent's Visiting Day or the July 4th Picnic.
  • Campers should dress to be outdoors all day. Expensive designer clothes, dangling or heavy earrings (they catch), and make-up are not needed or appropriate at camp.
  • Do not bring extra items from home to show/trade. They can be easily lost.
  • Firearms, dangerous weapons of any kind, illegal drugs, tobacco, alcohol are prohibited at camp and possession or use of any of the above items will result in immediate dismissal from camp.

We are Partners with Parents
We encourage and promote communication with parents. During camp parents are encouraged to call with any questions or concerns or to speak directly with any of their child's counselors.  Parents are also invited to join us every Friday for specialty events and fun!

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Counselors always make certain campers are safe, even in the sun.

2010 Camp Policies

Registration Information & Refunds
Questions about registration and refunds can be found at

Illness, Absence and Vacations
There are no refunds issued for days missed during camp.

Parents must give Acteeva written permission to administer prescription and non-prescription medication (such as aspirin, Tylenol, and cold medicine) to a camper.  For Epipens, inhalers, and prescription medications, Acteeva will also need instructions and permission from a doctor.  All medications are kept with a counselor and will administered to the camper as needed and directed.

Camper Pick Up and Drop Off
Campers must be picked up by parents or other approved guardians.  Please contact the camp office to notify staff of changes to your camper's pick up or drop off schedule.

Late Policy

Day camp pick up is between 2:45 and 3:05 in the afternoon. If a camper is still with us after 3:05pm, the camper will be considered a participant of CampPlus, our extended day camp. The parent will then have until 5:00pm to pick up and a fee of $25 will be charged.

2010 Acteeva does not have a before-camp program.  Drop off in the morning is between 8:30-9:00am. There is no on-site director at the Lafayette Reservoir before 8:30am.

CampPlus pick up is 4:45-5:00pm. We appreciate parents calling us as soon as they know they may be late to pick up. After 5:00pm, there is a grace period of 5 minutes. Late pick up fees for CampPlus are a charge of $2 per minute for every minute after 6:05pm until the camper is picked up.

All fees may be paid via credit card number or check made out to "Acteeva Day Camp." Fees must be paid at the time of pick up.


Campers may not bring visitors or guests to camp except on designated parents and family days.

Parents are Welcome!
Parents are welcome to drop by camp after the first day.

Tips and Presents for Our Counselors
Acteeva does not allow our staff to accept monetary or expensive gifts.  You can recognize exceptional staff with letters, emails or small tokens of appreciation.

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