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Interested in hosting Acteeva?

Schools are ideal locations for Acteeva Day Camp programs


Roughing It is committed to bringing high quality, well-run youth program to the Bay Area. For over 35 years Roughing It Day Camp has worked closely with local community sites to host highly esteemed all outdoor Day Camp programs. Since 1974, Roughing It has held a special uses permit at the Lafayette Reservoir with the EBMUD. In Addition, Roughing It has held a concessionaire lease with East Bay Regional Parks since 1999 to operate a youth horseback riding camp on 116 acres in Briones Regional Park.

Acteeva Day Camps is held to the same high standards as all Roughing It programs. If you have a site that you think would benefit from hosting Acteeva, please explore our criteria for Acteeva sites and the benefits hosting Acteeva will bring to your community.

What We Look for in a Site

  • Location: A main goal of Acteeva Day Camps is to be convenient and accessible to the majority of the local community. We choose locations based on their relationship with the local community and relative accessibility. Possible sites include public or private schools, community centers, community parks, or church grounds.
  • Type of Space: Acteeva Day Camps is a flexible program that is able to fit into a variety of local venues. Our main requirements include the availability of enclosed classrooms or rooms that can be used for indoor projects, games, and camp gatherings and an outdoor space such as a grass field or playground environment.
  • Commitment: Acteeva Day Camps requests a commitment of 8-9 consecutive weeks during the summer for multiple years to host our programs.

Benefits of Hosting Acteeva At Your Site

  • Revenue from rental fees.
  • 60 New Summer Jobs For Youth and Adults of the Community to be filled with residents of the local community, making Acteeva truly your neighborhood camp.
  • Summer Usage guaranteed.
  • Highest Quality Program run by a proven and high quality youth camp program provider.
  • Quality Contractor Provided Program completely organized, staffed, marketed and conducted by Acteeva, relieving the site of all program operation responsibilities.


For more information or to receive assistance in bringing Acteeva to a site near you contact:
Ann & Hobie Woods