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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my child ready for camp?
Yes!  Acteeva is an excellent choice for your child's first camp experience.  Our one week program allows campers to have fun and try new things in a school based environment that is familiar and secure.

How will my child choose activities?
There are two ways for campers to choose their daily schedule.  Parents and campers can choose to customize their schedule before camp even starts with our online customization process or campers can choose activities "as they go" at camp. Campers who have customized their schedule ahead of time are welcome to make changes during camp. 
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What qualifications do your counselors have?
The quality of the Acteeva experience depends on the quality of our staff, and at Acteeva, we hire only the best!  All of our counselors have graduated high school and are 18 or older.  They are all CPR and First Aid trained and have participated in a week long intensive training.  All staff have passed reference and background checks.  Our specialty program staff are experts in their program area, and all of our staff has previous experience working with children.  

What is your camper to staff ratio?
We maintain a one to six staff to camper ratio at all times.  Campers are supervised at all times by qualified staff. 

Will my child be with his or her friends?
At Acteeva, campers choose what they want to do, all day every day.  There are four activity choice periods every day.  Friends can choose to participate in all of the same activities together, or they may choose to try different activities for as many periods as they want throughout the day.

Do most new campers come to camp with a friend?
Some campers come with friends, and some do not.  Our inclusive camp community encourages all children to develop new friendships at camp.  Our supportive staff and variety of activities provide a safe environment for children to explore new things and make friends with common interests. 

What is your policy on discipline?
At Acteeva, we use discipline to change inappropriate behavior, help campers grow socially, and help campers learn acceptable behavior.  We do not tolerate physical punishment, sarcasm, put-downs, personal attacks or extralegal punishment.  We believe that in order for discipline to be effective, it must respect the worth and value of the camper, be fair and consistent, be as immediate as possible, be given in a spirit of love and concern, and have growth oriented objectives. 

Staff are trained to follow the Acteeva progression of discipline for all behavior problems:

  1. 1.      Talk to the camper.  Explain the inappropriate behavior and the consequences for continuing the behavior.  Explain the progression of discipline should the misbehavior continue. 
  2. 2.      Behavior modification.  Have the camper sit out for a few minutes.  Increase the time out if the behavior continues.
  3. 3.      Parent involvement.  We talk to or call the camper's parents to address the problem and discuss solutions.
  4. 4.       Further action.  If misbehavior continues, we meet with the camp directors or other main camp administrators to discuss the problem.  Parents are also involved in this meeting.


How do you handle medications?  Allergies?
All medications must be in their original packaging and clearly labeled with instructions.  Medications are kept with our site director at all times and dispensed when indicated on the instructions.  All Acteeva staff will be notified of children with special needs such as medications and allergies.  Campers with sever allergies must bring an Epi-Pen that can be kept with the site director and used if necessary.  Our camp lunch provider, Kids Chow, has plenty of lunches to accommodate campers with allergies.

What kind of safety and emergency procedures to you have?
At Acteeva, camper safety is our top priority.  All of our staff have participated in safety training and are currently certified in CPR and First Aid.  Staff carry Nextel radios for constant communication.  Acteeva is compliant with all local and state safety and health regulations, and has trained staff in earthquake, fire and other safety procedures.  We have connections with local EMT services to provide emergency care.

Do you provide transportation?
Acteeva does not provide transportation for campers.  Our flexible pick up and drop off hours and extended care programs were created to help busy and working parents with a transportation schedule that works for them.

Do you have extended care programs?
Yes!  Acteeva offers both before and after camp extended care programs.  Acteeva Early Birds is our morning program, which provides breakfast and quiet games before camp starts.  Acteeva Encore is our after camp program, with a variety of fun activities to choose from every day. 
Click here to learn more about extended care.

Does my camper need to bring a lunch, or do you provide one?
Acteeva offers the option of camp lunches through our partner Kid Chow.  Families can pre-order lunches for their campers from the Kid Chow website, and Kid Chow delivers them at camp.  Kid Chow’s customizable menu features a variety of healthy choices.  Kid Chow lunches are not included in camp tuition.  Parents are welcome to provide their children with a lunch from home if they do not want to participate in the lunch program. 
Click here to learn more about the Kid Chow lunch program.

How do you ensure activities are age appropriate?
Our customized schedule offers a variety of activities every day for all ages of Acteeva campers.  Activity choices are coded to specify which age group they are targeted for.  Each age group has several activities to choose from each period.

Is there a refund for days missed?
There is no refund for days missed.  Acteeva strongly discourages parents from removing their children from camp.  Because the Acteeva experience is only one week long, missing a day compromises a child's camp experience and the continuity of the program.  If you cannot commit to a full week of camp, we recommend signing up for a different session. 

What is the best way to communicate with Acteeva staff?
We pride ourselves in our availability to camper parents.  We appreciate receiving a phone call or email as soon as possible if you need to communicate something to us.  You can also talk with us directly when you come to drop your camper off or pick up every day.  We use a networking system to ensure that your message gets to all relevant staff in a prompt manner.

Can I register for more than one session?
Yes!  Acteeva offers a unique program every week to keep campers coming back for more.  Specialty activities and theme days change every session, and with a variety of activities to choose from, campers will always find something fun and new to do.

What if my child doesn't want to participate in any of the activities?
Typically, a child doesn't want to participate in an activity because it is new and intimidating, or because their past experience with that activity has been negative.  Our supportive camp counselors help campers that are intimidated or unsure find an activity that will be fun and appropriate for them, and provide engaging and fun instruction through each activity. We never force campers to participate if they do not want to.  Our huge selection of activities ensures that all campers can find something fun and interesting. All of our activities are age appropriate, so that young campers will not be overlooked or overwhelmed, and that older campers will not be bored. 

Why a school site?
We chose for Acteeva to be hosted at a school because it is has a variety of indoor and outdoor facilities, including play fields, basketball courts, blacktop, playground equipment, classrooms, and picnic tables in a secure environment.  Schools are easily accessed for camper pick up and drop off, and are local, making them convenient for families.

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