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Refer a Friend

$25 for me, $25 for you: At ACTEEVA, we like to SHARE!

Refer a Friend Today!


With Acteeva's new Refer a Friend Promotion, YOU and YOUR FRIEND can receive a $25 dollar discount for your next registration with Acteeva Day Camp! This includes day camp sessions, Acteeva Early Birds and Encore, or Hello Horse Camp! 


Share this opportunity with friends and your children can customize with each other in mind! 



How does this work?


New friends can simply send us an email at with "Refer a friend" in the subject line.  If new friends tell us their name, email, and the name of the person who referred them, we'll take it from there.


Before you know it, you'll both be saving with a $25 discount!

See, doesn't it feel good to share?


Oh yeah, and the more friends the better!

Spread the word, and you continue to earn discounts!



*If you are referring friends: Your discounts apply to your next purchase with Acteeva Day Camp.  You are welcome to refer as many friends as you'd like but be sure they give us your name.  We will contact you with an email once we hear from your friends giving you the directions to proceed.  When you do redeem your discounts, they will be applied to your next purchase's total.  We cannot split any discount. This promotion lasts through Summer 2009.

*For referred friends: Once you contact us with your own name, your email, and the name of your friend who referred you, we will email you back with directions to proceed with registration. There is only 1 $25 credit per new camper.  It can only be applied to the first session in which that child is registering.  Beyond that, multi-session and sibling discounts still apply.  The discount credit for your referral cannot be applied to more than one person so be sure you only send us one referrer's name in your email to us.  

*All discounts are subject to approval according to the established conditions.