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Discovering Animals, Birds, and Reptiles

Campers discover and learn about local wildlife. 

This blue jay came to eat from the "tweet treats" we hung for them.


Animal Discovery Activities

Animal Yoga Animal Sense Hike Adaptations Habitats Animal Clues/Mysteries
Animal Movement Game What Animal Am I? Animal Tracks Animal Parts Game Animal Communication
Evolution Game Baby Animal Match Species Animal Tracking Food Web
Predator & Prey Ecosystems Still Hunting Nature Hike Camouflage

Bird Discovery Activities

Birdie Bingo Feather Type Tag Song Bird Karaoke Raptors & Friends Bird Calling
Migration Eggs and Feathers Nest Building Baby Birds Bird Rescue
Bird Feeders Bird Baths Wild Bird Care Bird Diets Bird Tracks
Owl Pellets Predators & Prey Bird Watching Famous Birds Endangered Birds

Reptile Discovery Activities

Reptile Shadow Puppets & Shapes Temperature Gauge Game
Reptiles vs. Amphibians Hibernation
Ancient Reptiles Reptile Digs- Paleontology
Claws, teeth and tails Camouflage
Design your Own Reptile Reptile Habitats

Program Goals

Develop an understanding of animal habitats, methods of communication and adaptations
Be able to identify different species of animals, reptiles, and birds

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