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Jewelry & Beading

Campers get creative with beaded bracelets

Jewelry and Beading Skills & Activities

Fine Motor Skills Hand-Eye Coordination Earth Bracelets Beaded Animal Pendants Rock Pendants One String Jewelry
Two String Jewelry Three String Jewelry Clamping & Crimping Finishing Techniques Paper Beads Friendship Bracelets
Magic Wire Beading Clay Beads Fimo Clay Lanyards Keychains Pony Bead Animals
Sun Catchers Embroidery Bead Weaving Hemp Necklaces Earrings Jewelry Boxes
Leather Bracelets Leather Stamping Horsehair Bracelets Buddy Beading Glow in the Dark Beads Bead Mosaic

Program Goals

Expose campers to a variety of jewelry tools and their uses
Broaden campersí perspectives with the task of making something for others

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