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Kid Chow Lunch Registration Instructions

There are two steps to set up a Kid Chow account: Register and Add a Child. If you are already a Kid Chow customer, please read the special instructions at the bottom of this page to use your existing account.

  1. Register: Go to the Kid Chow Registration Page. Please enter contact information and login information that you would like us to use for order confirmations and correspondence. Once entered, click Accept to display the Add a Child page.

  2. Add a Child: Please add your child's name. For school/Camp, select the specific camp section from the drop down list. Provide your child's grade and age (this determines the lunch portion size and price.) Click `Add the Child' to complete your Account setup process. If you have another child, you can repeat this process. You are now ready to place your lunch order. You will be logged out and asked to log back in this first time.

Ordering Lunches:
There are two steps to Order: Lunch Selection and Checkout.

Step 1 ­ Lunch Selection

  1. Once you login at, please select the child you are ordering for (the name appears in the white box) and click the Order button next to the name.

  2. The Order Calendar page should now be displayed. Click on a date that you would like to order lunch and our lunch order form for that day will appear. Select 1 entrée and 2 sides (a 3rd side and drink is optional.) You will be asked for condiments, if available, for the selected entrée. If you have any special requests or need to highlight any information, you can enter it in the Special Request section on that lunches order form. Examples might be `no crust', `light on the mustard', `allergic to strawberries', etc. Once you have selected your lunch items and entered any special requests, you click Add to Cart. This will place this day's lunch in your lunch shopping cart. You can see a summary of days you have ordered in your shopping cart on the left side of each page in the purple section. To see the lunch details, you can click on View Cart.

  3. After clicking Add to Cart the calendar for selecting more lunch days will be displayed. You can continue selecting lunch days and ordering lunches or proceed to Checkout to complete the ordering process.

Step 2 ­ Checkout

There are 4 steps to Checkout All 4 steps MUST be completed to process orders this first time.

  1. Review Shopping Cart ­ Click the large CHECKOUT blinking icon in the left purple section on the side. Your lunches to be ordered will be displayed. Once complete, click the Step 2 link at the bottom of the cart page.

  2. Enter Credit Card Information ­ Kid Chow takes Visa/MC only. Once complete, click the Step 3 link at the bottom of the cart page.

  3. Authorize Payment ­ Kid Chow uses this step to preauthorize that your card is valid. Once complete, click the Step 4 link at the bottom of the cart page.

  4. Complete Order At the completion of Step 4, your order receipt with the details of your lunches will be displayed. Feel free to print it out as a reminder of your upcoming lunches. You can always view your orders online.

Special Note for Existing Kid Chow Customers:
If you are an existing Kid Chow customer, go to and login in as usual. You will need to change your child's assigned school to the specific camp your child will be attending before placing your order. Click edit child on the Order Chow page to make this change. If you are still ordering for the school year, you will need to change your child's assigned school from the assigned camp back to their current school to continue your school lunch ordering.