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Preparing for Camp

Campers all participate in "Do You Love Your Neighbor?"

What to Bring to Camp

1. Lunch and beverage in a paper sack or soft reusable lunch bag. No hard sided lunch boxes please!  We also offer tasty and healthy camp lunches through Kid Chow.
2. Water bottle
3.Sweatshirt for cool mornings
4. A hat for protection from the sun, plus sunscreen if your camper burns easily
5. A day pack to carry the above items and any other essential items
6. If you would like to send a treat with your camper, it is a Roughing It and Acteeva tradition to send a watermelon!

What Not to Bring to Camp

1. Anything electronic:  iPods, Cell Phones, Video Games, CD Players, Webkins
2. Watches
3. Jewelry & Makeup
4. Sports Equipment
5. Trading Cards
6. Pets or any other living animal
7. Anything else not mentioned on the "What to Bring to Camp" list

Acteeva accepts no responsibility for the loss or damage of any of these "contraband" items.

What to Wear to Camp

  • T-Shirt
  • Shorts, long pants, or sweatpants
  • Tennis Shoes- No Sandals Please!
  • Sweatshirt for cool mornings
  • Clothing needs to be modest and appropriate for Acteeva. The fit should be neither loose nor too tight for normal participation in activities. Clothing that exposes cleavage, midriff, or buttocks, when bending, running, etc, is unacceptable. 
  • Makeup is not needed, nor acceptable at camp
  • No personal items, including jewelry or watches, other than what is stated above. We do have a Lost & Found every day at Closing Circle. Help us return your camper's items by clearly marking all personal items, especially Acteeva clothing.

Lunch Guidelines

We recommend parents keep lunches nutritious. Include enough so that your camper has something extra for a mid-morning snack.  Kid Chow offers prepared lunches for an additional cost.

Staying Fit For Camp

Camp is a wonderful chance for children, but it takes a lot of energy and that is why getting enough sleep is essential to having enough energy to participate in a day of camp.  Dr. Tracy Totter, one of our camp doctors, recommends the following amounts of sleep needed Sunday through Thursday:

  • Children ages 6 and younger: 10-12 hours/camp night
  • Children 7-10 years: 9-10 hours/camp night

For all campers arriving home from camp, we recommend a brief rest time of 10 to 20 minutes in a quiet place like on their beds (not in front of the TV).  We even recommend this for our staff!

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