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Campers concentrate on the form they just learned for taking a shot with the dominant hand.

Basketball Activities

Dribbling Skills & Activities Body, Footwork & Passing Skills Passing & Teamwork
Tape the Ball Dribble Stride Stop Chest Passing
Fingertip Dribble Pivoting Receiving
Circling Cutting Partner Chest Passing
Figure Eight Dribble Triple Threat Position Split Vision Challenge
Yo-Yo Dribble Jump Stop Partner Bounce Passing
One Hand Dribble Jumping Target Practice
Jog & Dribble Footwork Signals Wall Shuffle
Line Dribble Lay Up & Set Shots & Games Circle Keep Away
Dribble Tag Lay Up Progression Three Pass Game
Partner Knock-Away The One Handed Shot Four Corners
Circle Dribble Relay Garbage Ball Activity Passing Relays

Program Goals

Develop basic basketball footwork, stances, and passing skills
Foster an environment that is friendly and open to all abilities and foster teamwork

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