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Softball and T-Ball

After step by step training, this camper practices his pitching form while working on aim.

 Softball and T-Ball Activities

Throwing & Catching Fielding, Tracking & Position Base Tagging, Pitching & Team Play
Full Hand Grip Grounder Bowling Around the Horn Warm Up
Two Finger Grip Partner Grounder Practice Around the Horn Relay
Using a Glove Fly Ball Practice with a Partner Manoc
Overhand Throwing Fielding Triangle Tag Mime Pitching Individual
Catching the Ball Leader Ball Mime Pitching Partner
Mime Throwing Beat Ball Pitcher Positions
Speed Catch Batting Catcher Positions
Pivot-Catch Practice Grip, Stance & Swing Beach Bottle Pitch
Rebound Toss Tag 5 Times Batting Game Kick-Pin Softball
Side to Side Speed Race Bat Ball Game Thunder Ball
Break the Window Game Batting Relay Pickoff Game

Program Goals
Develop basic skills including base tagging, fielding, throwing & catching, and batting
Foster a friendly and open environment where all abilities are accepted and celebrated

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