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Every camper gets a ball to practice dribbling using the inside sides of their feet.
Soccer Activities

Coordination & Dribbling Kicking Goal Keeping
Hands Up Drill Center Kicking Two on Two Soccer Game
Shadow Game Instep Kick Punt Kick
Inside Foot Dribble Target Kicking Game Punting Partner Practice
Outside Foot Dribble Hoop Kick One on One Soccer
Inside & Outside Foot Dribble Passing Shuttle Game Four a Side Soccer
Inside & Outside Leg Dribble Chase Ball Rolling Ball Pickup
Top of Foot Dribble Bull in the Ring Game Crosses
Bubbles Game Pin Ball Soccer Game Diving for Air Shots
Pirates Game Soccer Hockey Grounding the Ball
Poison Trees Game Beach Bottle Kick Jumping Drills
Shuttle Dribble Relay Dribblers Dream Four Goals Game
Dribble Maze Snake Game Ball Toss Game

Program Goals
Develop basic soccer skills including dribbling, ball control, kicking, and goal keeping
Foster an open and friendly environment where all ability levels are accepted and celebrated

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